Thursday, June 29, 2006

Funny as $hit

This is what happens when you try to cheat, GOD punishes you!

Mistaken Identity

This is so effing funny!! This taxi driver guy whose name happened to be GUY, got mistaken for another guy named GUY who is an online music expert!! Check out his face at the beginning!! bwhahahahaha

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Millie A-Z coming soon!

Jesse Wells A-Z

Get Ready Kids it's Time for: JESSE A-Z

A: is for Asian: movies, food, girls, malls, countries, Jesse is into the Asians Big time!

B: is for Bush, no, not Jesse’s, Kate’s! Kate Bush is one of Jesse and his whole family’s favourite musicians!

C: Circa, Jesse and I both have the same pair of Circa shoes! Yay $39.99

D: is for dog, “are we gonna get a dog?”

E: Exposed! Sorry Jesse but I have to tell the truth: Jesse is not over in Japan teaching English, he is actually an Exotic dancer because those Japanese go crazy for hot young Canadian boys! “Lip my stocking”, Billy Murray ain’t got nothing on you kid!

F: if for Friend! Jesse has been an awesome friend for the past …. However many years!

G: Ghetto, yes it’s true folks, Jesse hails from one of Scarborough’s finest Ghetto’s “West Hill”

H: is for hypothermia, there was a point where every time Jesse would go in the water his lips would turn blue and we thought he was gonna die!

I: Internet, Jesse always finds the weirdest shit on the internet. I do not know how he does it but I’d have to say that my favourite was the retard pad video – “blue, white, blue, white”

J: is for Japan, where Jesse has been for the past 5 months, I miss you man!

K: Karaoke! The first time I ever heard Jesse’s beautiful voice is when he and Millie did a beautiful Karaoke rendition of “I can show you the world” at Melissa’s house. I will always be moved by this!

L: Line, Jesse hates when people bud in line, but then again who doesn’t?

M: is for McDonald’s, even in Japan it seems to be Jesses restaurant of choice!

N: is for New Zealand, Jesse and his family went on an exchange to New Zealand for a year

O: Oprah, all of Jesse’s best quotes come from this strong, beautiful black woman

P: is for Playa’ Jesse is my idol cause he’s a total babe magnet!

Q: Questionable, while some of Jesse’s actions are questionable, he always seems to have a good explanation!

R: is for Role Model, whoever said he was a role model was right!

S: is for station wagon, this was Jesse’s phat ride in high school, gotta love the black pepper smell, milk jugs full of water and 2 x 4 under the hood

T: is for Topaz, this was Jesse’s upgrade after the station wagon, smelled like gasoline and had McDonald’s wrappers and Tim Hortons coffee cups all over!

U: Unbelievably good looking, Jesse is a young JFK jr.

V: Volvo, Jesse used his mom’s Volvo to tow my van out of a snow bank one time! Thanks buddy!

W: is for Waterloo where Jesse began his undergrad studies (but finished at UofT)

X: Xena Princess warrior, Jesse and Dido share the same appreciation for this fine lady!

Y: Yodeling, I don’t think Jesse knows how to Yodel yet, but I think he should learn to before he comes back to Canada so that we’ll be able to find him at the airport!

Z: is for Zorro, Jesse has a secret crush on Antonio Banderas, I think it’s time you admitted this Jackman! (I mean Jesse!)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I hope they don't kill eachother!

Watch out Streets of Toronto These are Two CRAZY cats!

A Big Shout Out to Millie and Jackman on their new apartment.... located on Maitland Street in the heart of downtown toronto close to:

Yonge Street
Book Stores
Video stores
George Brown
Princess Margaret Hospital

It will be nice having you guys around the corner again!

Graduation Day!

Hey Jackman, I know this is late but this post is dedicated to you :)

On Wednesday June 14th Jackman Chiu Became a University of Toronto Graduate

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Jackman Chiu A to Z

A: Apple, Jackman’s religion prohibits him from eating apples

B: is for Baby Model, for those of you that know Jackman’s famous past, you’ll know what I’m talking about

C: is for Cuba, for a brief moment in time Jackman wanted to move to Cuba and live on the beach…

D: is for Death Cab, one of jackman’s favourite bands.

E: Exact! When Jackman does a project it always has to be perfect

F: Frisbee, don’t ever play a game of Frisbee with this guy or he’ll give you a bleeding nose!

G: is for Goldshlauger which seems to be Jackman’s liquor of choice at the moment

H: if for Hong Kong, the motha’ land

I: This is the address to Jackman’s blog

J: if for Japanese food…. Jackman loves his Japanese food, especially at a certain restaurant called Konichiwa

K: Kill Bill II , I went with Jackman to see this movie

L: Lycanthropy, Jackman wants to become a werewolf

M: Mel Gibson, Jackman thinks that he has very hypnotizing eyes!

N: 99, Jackman has 2 Wayne Gretzky jerseys Team Canada and Edmonton Oilers

O: if for Obsession, Jackman is obsessed with looking at himself in the mirror

P: Picky Penny!

Q: Qu_ _ r Rhymes with Beer!

R: is for Robin, this is Jackman’s idol!

S: is for Starbucks

T: Tanning, Jackman is a big fan of sun tanning

U: University of Toronto, this is where Jackman completed his undergrad studies in Anthropology, could also go under C for Congratulations!

V: is for Vegetarian, how long has it been now Jackman, 2 months or so?

W: Woody Allen, this is one of Jackman’s favourite directors

X: Xzibit and watching all the episodes of “pimp my ride” at my cottage

Y: Yellow Fellow

Z: if for Zorro, Jackman has a secret crush on Antonio Banderas, I think it’s time you admitted this Jackman!

A to Z for Jesse Wells & Millie Wong soon to follow!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Falling into a pit of burning flames

Do you ever get this sinking feeling in your stomach? Like when you’ve found out something that you’re not supposed to have found out…. I have that feeling right now, and there’s only an hour until my exam…. Fuck….. Sometimes I really wonder why I put myself in such stupid fucking situations…. Fuck…. I know nobody will even understand this, or probably even be reading this! But FUCK, I wish I didn’t have this feeling right now! I wish that I were more religious at times like these so that I could pray or something…. FUCK……

Monday, June 12, 2006

FIN 410 is kicking my ass

Well i know that I don't update this regularly, but i guess it's because i don't have that much exciting stuff to say! But here is something effed up:

Last night jason and i were watching wolf creek (a scary ass movie) and all of a sudden, during a really scary part the lightbulb fell out of the socket and then the fixture came crashing down, what the hell!! it was really freaky..... also we've both independently been hearing strange noises, i am starting to think that our apt. might be haunted... uh oh!

Oh a brighter note here are the concerts that I will be going to soon:
S.C.E.N.E Fest with Jason - July 9th
Maybe Head Automatica/TBS/AA on July 6th - I might try to go and get cheap tickets after work if there are scalpers out...
The Organ - June 29th (Maybe, haven't decided yet)
Pink - July 13th
Vans Warped Tour (maybe) - Aug 12th

Other stuff:
- Taylor and I are doing well, hopefully that continues, i can't see why it wouldn't....
- school is fucking me up right now...
- work is ........ work
- i need to get a tattoo soon