Monday, July 31, 2006

Why I hate the PoPo

Don't they have anything better to do than to stop me on a Sunday night at queen and sherbourne (where there were like 3 drug deals going on btw) for not wearing my fucking seatbelt... c'mon... now i understand those rap songs.....

Sunday, July 30, 2006

a quick update

To all of my friends who may (or may not!!!) have been wondering where the hell I have been lately, sorry for not really answering phone calls or replying to e-mails but things have been pretty crazy from me the past 2 weeks or so.... As many of you know one of my dearest friends is terminally ill suffering from lung cancer. She has gone into the palliative care unit at St. Mikes about a week ago, for those of you who don't know what that is, palliative care is where they send you when you only have weeks to days to live. Her health is beginning to rapidly deteriorate, this may be because in palliative care you are no longer able to receive chemo therapy or any other therapy to "try and get better" it's basically just a numbers game now.... It a fucking shitty situation because she's on so many drugs and barely eating she is hallucinating a lot and acting really weird, it's really hard to interact with her because her mind is half here and half somewhere else so one minute you can be talking about something and the next she'll look at you as if she has no clue what you just said... Also it is hard for me because I am now dealing with her family situation, which most of you know Anya (her sister) is my ex-girlfriend so that makes this even weirder... to top it all off i have my finance final exam on tuesday that I am sooooo not prepared for... if i don't pass it then i can't take 2 of the classes that I am registered in for the fall.... things have been a bit rocky with Taylor lately, she attributes it to pms, but I think it's just that we're both realizing that relationships take some work, and all that lovey dovey stuff is great but lots of other stuff is required as well... it's nothing serious though, we're both still madly in love (ew i know!!!) and I am looking forward to going to her opera and then to Fargo with her at the end of August. Oh it's also been really hot and humid out and the lack of air conditioning is really getting to me.... anyways, enough for now i have to go and study for my exam. Hopefully I'll see some of you (Millie I still can't wait to see your dogs!!) soon :)


Thursday, July 20, 2006

When In Japan...

This is a great pic of two beautiful Japanese women eating some lunch. Look at the one on the left, what a beautiful smile! The one on the right is very hungry, she works so hard all day and at night is a karaoke singer and is a hot number on the Osaka 30+ Circuit (Jesse have you seen her around?) Anyhow, they wanted me to post this for everyone to see!

bin bin

Friday, July 14, 2006

Surprise concert of the Year

Last night I went to the PINK concert. It was a birthday present from my friend Erica, and I must admit that initially I was not that interested in going, first of all it was during a weeknight, and for those of you that know me, you know that I don’t like staying out late on a weeknight and secondly because it was Pink and I really didn’t like her new song ‘Stupid Girls’ but whatever…the concert was at Kool Haus which I was a bit surprised at, because I’m sure she would be able to sell out a bigger venue. I guess that’s why it sold out so quickly…. Erica and I went for dinner first because doors didn’t open till 7pm…. We got to the venue around 7:30pm and there was a looooong line, around the whole building, to my surprise it went by very quickly though and we were in before 8pm. The opening act was a guy named Matt Nathanson, it was just himself and his acoustic guitar. His voice was pretty good and so was his playing, he mainly used a 12 string guitar which added a richer sound to his one man show. I think that this was his first big tour cause he seemed really excited and was talking a lot to the audience, telling us how much he loved Canadians and Canada! His songs were pretty much all based around, love, sex and longing! What’s new!!!
I thought that it was really great that he didn’t have any other equipment because this allowed Pink’s band to have all of their stuff already set up on stage which reduced the time in-between matt and pink! We met up with my friends Sara and Jessica just before Pink went on and we were maybe 25 feet from the stage, we had a clear view and it was awesome! She went on around 9pm, and came on wearing a tight black blazer (which she took off after the first number), black dress and had a whip in her hand (kinda like the one you have Taylor!!) She was HOTT to death!! I never really though she had that much sex appeal, but after seeing her last night, damn, she is now my new celebrity crush, Mariah who???? Her voice was also very, very, very good! I was sooooo impressed because a lot of pop acts don’t play live shows very well, so I was not expecting much, but her voice was 10 X stronger live than on any recording that I have heard. She played all of her it songs, and the audience loved it!! She individually introduced each member of her band throughout the night, and you could tell the she greatly appreciated their efforts to make the show great, she even stated “I have some of the best musicians in the world with me on stage tonight” 2 of them were from Canada one more specifically from Toronto and Pink let her sing Bohemian Rhapsody for her hometown crowd! She made witty banter all night long and the crowd ate it up! She went off for a costumer change (into a black tank top and old jeans hot hot hot) about 2/3 of the way through. She seemed really down to earth and totally cool! She played for almost 2 hours, but if felt like much less because everyone was so into every song! I would have to say that this concert would definitely rank in my top 5 of all time, it was a show with a great crowd, a great singer and an overall amazing atmosphere, felt very positive and fun! Thanks for taking me Erica, you’re da bomb!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hot pic of the moment....

This pic comes from a lesbian calender put out by a company called Private Pink, It is definately one of my favourites of the year, although december is pretty hot too! To check out other pic's from this calender or purchase it go here

Song of the moment

This is possibly the best song to ever come out of the 80's! I love you Billy Ocean

Monday, July 10, 2006

A Post for Tatonka

"This monkey can't stand to see you black and blue"


The countdown starts now!

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Friday, July 07, 2006


Hey Jesse, hope that you're able to find a nice banana split to eat over there on your birthday! I'll celebrate for your tonight by eating one by myself!!!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I’ve got a couple things I’d really like to say, one of them is funny and the other is passé.

Tonight is the night I’ve been waiting for…………. HEAD AUTOMATICA, TAKING BACK SUNDAY & ANGELS AND AIRWAVES!

I will be accompanied by the one and only Jackman Chiu, hope all you suckas’ who don’t have tickets or aren’t currently in the country have a good night too!Add Image