Monday, October 23, 2006

Do not open this until I am gone.

As most of you know my good friend Natasha Talbot has been battling cancer over the past year. Her battle finally came to an end this saturday evening at approximately 8:35 pm. She had a very tough life and faced a lot of adversity throughout her short time here on earth. But in spite of this, she was alwas kind and caring to everyone she knew. She was a unique person with a charisma that i will never forget. She taught me to be honest, be strong and care for people because in the end all you leave behind are the memories that others keep. I hope that Natasha is in a better place right now where more people can appreciate the amazing woman that she is and I hope wherever she is, that she is happy. I will miss her dearly, she meant a lot to me and will not be forgotten. I cannot belive she is gone.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

so much for late breaking news....

here is my karaoke fun picture, I think that I need to go for more singing lessons though, anyone know a good singing teacher?! bwahahahah

I went to NEw York this weekend with Taylor for her step-brothers wedding... didn't get to see any new york though :( ate lots of tasty food though

I have a bunch of mid-terms and projects that are coming due soon so I will likely be a boring person for a while (what's new eh!) but i plan to live it up over the Christmas holidays!

I also am looking forward to going to the death cab concert on halloween with jackman and taylor, what was i doing last year on halloween??? hmmm.... Oh yeah, hanging with my boyz